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How to Migrate from Tictail to Magento 2 or Sync Data Between Them

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Magento 2 Tictail migration

Tictail is not an e-commerce platform, but it is a marketplace that attracts the attention of people all over the world. More than a thousand merchants use it today, and their number may rise dramatically after the Shopify acquisition. But as any marketplace, Tictail provides limited functionality for its merchants. And even though it belongs to Shopify, we recommend you to synchronize your e-commerce store with Magento. Tictail is excellent to start an e-commerce website, but you will need to switch to something more powerful at a certain point of your business journey. Therefore, we’d like to draw your attention to the Magento 2 Tictail migration. If you also want to get extra e-commerce capabilities, check the following article. It provides a detailed guide on how to migrate from Tictail to Magento 2. Besides, we describe how to synchronize data between the two platforms. So if you already have a Magento 2 website, you can effortlessly provide its catalog to the Tictail marketplace. Let’s say a few more things about it and then compare it with Magento 2 before going any further. Continue Reading