How to Import Compressed Data (ZIP, TAR, TGZ) to Magento 2

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Magento 2 Compressed Data ZIP TAR TGZ Import

What if your partner provides a vital data update in a compressed file? Prior to importing it to Magento 2, you need to unpack the archive. Next, if a file stored there is not CSV, you need to run the conversion. Furthermore, if it contains unsupported attributes, you need to replace them with the ones used in Magento 2. All these actions consume tons of time. However, it is possible to automate them. 

The following article discusses two ways of importing compressed data to Magento 2. Firstly, we shed light on a common approach that slightly simplifies the algorithm described above. Secondly, you will discover an alternative solution that dramatically improves the corresponding admin experience. It not only enables the import of archives to Magento 2 but also supports many more file types and enables the import of third-party data to Magento 2. Below, you will find out how to import ZIP and TAR to Magento 2 with the help of the Improved Import & Export extension.

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