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What Is Magento Credit Card Skimming & How To Prevent It

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Magento Credit Card Skimming

What do we know about credit card skimming? It is one of the existing credit card frauds. Along with phishing, BIN attacks, and other violations, credit card skimming is aimed at getting credit card information for further usage. This type of fraud usually occurs at restaurants, ATMs, or gas stations. Malefactors use special devices to get the desired data, so often it is hard to detect skimming. That’s why you might have seen large sample pictures illustrating different ATM parts right on the ATM’s screen. Despite government all over the world tries to overcome the problem, malefactors constantly develop new technologies, so skimming spreads from offline to online. And below we shed light on Magento credit card skimming. The following posts covers essentials of the problem, provides some stats and useful links, describes what to do in case your store is hacked, and sheds light on how to prevent your Magento installation from skimming. Continue Reading