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"Drupal Commerce"

How to Migrate from Drupal Commerce to Magento 2 or Sync Data Between Them

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Magento 2 drupal commerce migration

Drupal Commerce is an e-commerce option that can be used on top of a Drupal website. It is far from being as popular as Magento 2, but the number of Drupal Commerce stores tends to reach 5k sites. But there is enough reason to leave the platform. Despite its features, flexibility, and community, the platform offers much fewer e-commerce opportunities than its biggest competitor. This situation usually motivates merchants to migrate from Drupal Commerce to Magento 2. If you are also a Drupal Commerce merchant who would like to get access to more features and third-party modules, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we describe the Magento 2 Drupal Commerce migration and show how to synchronize data between the two systems. Let’s describe Drupal Commerce and then compare it with Magento 2. Continue Reading