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"Crypto Payments"

Mageworx WAVES Crypto Payments for Magento 2

Mageworx WAVES Crypto Payments for Magento 2 is a free payment module that integrates your web store with one of the most popular cryptocurrencies – WAVES. After installing the module, you will be able to accept WAVES tokens as a payment option on your website and get access to the benefits provided by the WAVES innovative platform. With the WAVES, your customers get an option for secure and transparent payments, while merchants take advantage of advanced payment fraud and chargebacks prevention. Moreover, since WAVES works on the fastest blockchain allowing you to process hundreds of transactions per second, you receive profits in your wallet almost instantly. Another significant advantage of the WAVES platform is reduced transaction fees, which are just a fraction of the cent!

Below, we describe the Mageworx Magento 2 module’s features in more detail and shed light on how it is configured from the backend and frontend.

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