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"Augmented Reality"

E-Commerce & Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

The world is being changed so fast that people can hardly keep track of what events or things make it happen. These impetuous changes influence not only the way we live but also the way we perceive reality. With new technologies emerging every year, it becomes possible to receive more information about things around us just in a few gestures, which can significantly save our time and energy. GPS and object recognition technologies, virtual reality glasses and QR codes are just a little part of what can already extend our knowledge about the surrounding world. All these helpful innovations are unified in a general term Augmented Reality, a mediated reality which connects real and virtual worlds together. Continue Reading

40 Hottest Startups 2015

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best startups

Starting a business always requires inspiration. Luckily, during last few years dozens of successful startups have joined the competition. They have showed a lot of new business ideas and different ways of their implementation, introducing us to a wide variety of new products and services. In this post you will find the most interesting startups, which are famous for their uniqueness and fresh ideas.

The Best eCommerce Startups 2015

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