SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Sales and Accounts Receivable Documents

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In the following article, we describe one of the SAP Business One cornerstones: sales documents and the related accounts receivable. Below, you will find the overview of the SAP B1  sales A/R process. We describe it from the very beginning and proceed to such aspects as building documents in SAP B1 from each other. Besides, we shed light upon processing document groups and the inventory and accounting impact. You will also find a sales checklist at the end of the chapter.  Continue Reading

AR in eCommerce

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From online stores to augmented cyber-shopping: contemporary evolution of the way people shop

So let’s assume that you are already successfully using Magento 2. All modules were set up and work excellent, you have precise tracking of customers who’re falling to your funnel permanently, your conversion is awesome and your sky is clear. But what if your competitors also have all these benefits? Because, you know e-commerce is a highly competitive business and, as you probably heard, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. What if I tell, that we’re all standing at the edge of the new era in online shopping, driven by the emerging success of Augmented Reality. Continue Reading