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10 Beautiful Best Selling Magento Themes

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It seems rather common when one gets confused when it comes to picking the right design for his/her website. Furthermore, if you don’t have a sharp eye for design, you can drown in a sea of almost endless options. What criteria should be kept in mind in selecting a well-polished website template? Before you hit the buy button, make sure your choice is not based solely on emotions or esthetic, rather on browser compliance or developer support for instance. Whether you need a website to sell furniture, cosmetics, clothes or anything in between, you can end your search right here. The thing is that these 10 Beautiful Best Selling Magento Themes are a perfect choice to enhance your online business. As a matter of fact, highly skilled designers from TemplateMonster walks the extra mile for your project to deliver the right Magento design for your demands. Continue Reading

Jewelrix – Magento 2 Theme for a Luxury Jewelry Store

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jewelrix Magento 2 Theme
Jewelrix is one of the new Magento 2 templates created by professional TemplateMonster’s team and we are going to tell you more about it right now. The theme perfectly fits for jewelry, bijouterie, watches, accessories, and related business niches. As you see, the template has a very attractive layout, but it’s not only stylish and classy, but equipped with advanced functionality. Continue Reading

Brilliant Website with Magetique Magento 2 Theme

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Magetique Magento 2 Template; Magetique Magento 2 Theme

Still looking for an opportunity to express yourself in the brightest and loudest way? Well, it’s time for a December miracle! MAGE10 – these are six symbols that would help you to get an amazing website using Magetique, our thematic Magento template without spending a mint of money. Are you interested?

Needless to say, winter has always been a season of wonders. Charming weather, beautiful snowflakes covering the streets and holidays mood may inspire anyone, but here is another thing to make you happy!

Would you like to be your own boss? Have you ever dreamed about creating a great eCommerce website without losing a mint of money in order to hire a professional web designer or developer? I guess you have! For this simple reason, we propose you to take a look at the review of Magetique, newest Magento theme as now you are able to get all of the mentioned and even more! Continue Reading

GrailWibo – Magento 2 Theme For Electric Tools Store

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GrailWibo Magento 2 Theme Review; GrailWibo Magento 2 Template Overview

We’ve already described Jewelrix – a Magento 2 theme from TemplateMonster. Another template you can find there is GrailWibo. If Jewelrix is aimed at jewelry and fashion stores, GrailWibo can be used as a basis of an ecommerce storefront with various electric equipment. Below, we shed light on its core features and provide illustration of core elements: product and catalog pages, shopping cart, and checkout Continue Reading

Jewelrix Magento 2 Theme Overview

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Jewelrix Magento 2 Theme Review; Jewelrix Magento 2 Template Overview

There are three Magento 2 themes currently available on TemplateMonster, and below we shed light on Jewelrix – a professional Magento 2 template for jewelry shops and other ecommerce storefronts. In the following post, you will find the description of the theme as well as illustrations of its core elements: Product, Category, Cart, and Checkout pages. Continue Reading