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DIY SEO: Nofollow Links

- E-Commerce

DIY SEO Nofollow links

The subject of nofollow linking is still at the height of its popularity, because businesses of all types are heading towards revealing the whole potential of their websites to demanding search engines. Unlike rel=”follow” attribute, which makes the link a building block of a website’s PageRank, rel=“nofollow” attribute deprives it of its rank juice in order to prevent the link from being used by other users for their own profit. Although follow links are widely considered an important factor for one’s website ranking, their link juice can be easily used in any unpleasant link scheming practices thus turning the website into an unreliable source.

Some people would say that nofollow links have no actual value in terms of its search engine influence, so it’s senseless to use them. It may be true for paid links on your website, but what about other types of links? In this article we touch upon all the pros and cons of nofollow linking and define the key factors for (not) using them on your particular website. Note that the following tactics can be implemented within our favorite ecommerce platform, so this article may be considered as the Magento nofollow links SEO guide that can be used for both Magento 2 and 1. Continue Reading