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How to import & export Magento 2 categories with custom separators

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Since category names on an e-commerce website may contain commas, the export process may recognize them as separators, creating new categories in your export file. The same issue impacts your category tree on import: since the comma is considered a delimiter, a long category name can be split into several new categories. Below, we explain how to import and export Magento 2 categories with custom separators to avoid these issues. As usual, you will need the Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2 since the platform’s default data transfer instruments do not support category import or export, nor it lets you use custom separators for category names when you import and export products.   Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Product Import / Export

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Chances are, you already have an e-commerce website and want to transfer the existing products to your brand new Magento 2 storefront or need to move product data from a dropshipping platform – you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps, you want to transfer products and their prices to price comparison engines – you will also find out how to do that below. In the following article, we shed light on various nuances of Magento 2 product import and export

This blog post peruses the Magento 2 import and export processes from the very beginning. It guides you through various prerequisites that you should know prior to importing to Magento 2, such as editing CSV files according to the native Magento 2 guidelines. After that, the article focuses on the default product import/export in Magento 2 Continue Reading