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Greate extesnion, Easy to use and Greate support Team
by Dev Users
Very useful extension and great support team

Lot's of time save

Thanks Firebear Support Team
Great Product, Great Support
by uniart
I'm using it for importing external images. It works great. Support is responding in a timely fashion.
Great extension, Amazing Support!
by ekidesigns
This extension is great! The customer support is better! Great customer service!
Great for Tier pricing
by cj68142
I got this extension for bulk import of products with tier pricing and it works great. Lot's of time saved with this very useful extension.
Fast and stable solution for images import
by joalpe
Use this module for import product images from other site URL, job will be done as described! Good guides and documentation.
Great import tool. Must have!
by Jimmy5566
We bought this extension and use it for importing customers with unhashed passwords. Works well and easy. Great and fast support too. Highly recommended.
This extension has great features!
by tsyb_andre
Really helpful for import product images from external URL, save tons of time during the products import process
by sudarshansant excellent
Makes ur job easy and save time. The developer support is very fast and excellent. Best prise and good value returns. Best support.
This the best of the best for multiple images URL, & multiple options eg: color, size etc
by Krprice54
I purchased this extension for the sole purpose of loading multiple images, size, colour and custom options to my product catalogue.
The import ran for the images perfect but my products were not being updated. I sent a request for help and my email was responded to very quickly.
So in summary, the product functions as advertised & the developer responds quickly to fix any or all your problems.
Once again i would recommend this for:
1. uploading multiple images from url
2. configuring multiple products eg: size, color & other options by only inserting "|" between the options
Thank you once again for this extension.
will buy an extension because they deliver what they offer & also their support is excellent.
cannot praise this enough
Worth the price!!!
by robertsutibe
Improved Import is a wonderful extensions. I have a shop with several custom options and using the default magento interface, i was unable to import these custom options. With improved import i was able to do this simply buy inserting "|" in-between the values. Besides this feature, improved import enables me to locate product that i am attempting to import into my magento store that do not have any images in media/import. The support i got from the team was really excellent. Overall i think this is a much needed magento extensions and it is worth the price!!! Thank you.

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Improved Import

Improved Import

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Improved Import

- Import multiple product images
- Import multiple product images from external URL
- Import product custom options
- Import product tier prices
- Import customers with unencrypted passwords
- Export multiple product images

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