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magento certified developerWe offer complete Magento store audit and different improvements by Certified Magento developers, which include the most advanced, modern, and effective ways to get the most out of your Magento store!

During the last 3 years, we’ve built, fixed and improved more that 200 Magneto stores worldwide: from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and Sydney. Based on our big Magneto development experience, we know that every second Magento store lacks important  performance and SEO features. As a result, a half of the e-commerce merchants on this platform gets less traffic from Google, which turns into a significantly reduced number of visitors. In their turn, the existing visitors often find such stores insufficient, because of low speed and incomplete usability. Chances are high that they leave without making an order. To fix that, we offer:

  • Complete Magento store audit - we check the viability of your store, find most critical issues, that can be improved, and fix all core aspects like performance, SEO, frontend and user interface design. Then we provide individual suggestions for your Magento store and business.
  • Better Performance - we check and analyse the current performance and page load speed of your Magento store, and suggest the best solutions aimed to get faster page load.  It is extremely important for the better customers experience, higher conversion rates and meeting the requirements of search engines. Everyone likes speed!
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - we know Google’s preferences and we understand how to apply them to your Magento store. First, we carefully check what is already done on SEO side of you store, Google Analytics and WebMaster analyse. Then, we suggest better solutions for product and category pages, crosslinking, meta tags, microformats integration and other aspects of your store to get a free and organic traffic from Google and convert it into sales!
  • Marketplace Integration - we can also help you with making the right listing of your Magento products for dozens of marketplaces (for example, eBay, Amazon, Google Merchant) and millions of customers.
  • Upgrade to The Latest Magento Version - Magento community is extremely powerful and flexible platform, so you should always use the last version in order to get all the tweaks and exciting new features. We will help you with that!
  • Frontend And Design Upgrade - get the absolutely new look for your store with mobile ready responsive templates and dozens of new features. Improve your conversion rate and make you customers happy and excited.

Contact us to get initial Magento store audit for free or let us know about exact improvements. We are always ready to help you with your Magento based business

magento improvements

Slow Magento page load affects you sales directly!

  • Google don’t like slow Web sites, as a result you lose Google’s loyalty every day, getting less traffic.
  • Chances are, your customers can leave your store even at the last step of checkout process.
  • Customers spend more time waiting, while searching different target products.
  • Slow page load dramatically reduces your conversion even from such paid services as AdWords.
  • It also means that your hosting or server are already overloaded, so and you don’t have enough power to expand your business.

Wrong or zero Magento SEO affects no customers, sales, and profit

  • The lack of good unique text content is the main reason why thousands of you potential customers can not find you in Google. You can spend hundreds of dollars into advertising instead of making cheaper text investment once to get lifelong organic grow from Google and other search engines.
  • Wrong keywords and product descriptions can bring “incorrect” visitors, which search for other products and are not interested in your offerings.
  • By default, Magento misses a lot of important SEO features, so it’s extremely hard get good positions in Google rankings without additional SEO improvements.

Old unresponsive design and outdated Magento core are the reasons of your slow growth and low sales

  • Design trends change a lot every year, you potential customers visit dozens of beautiful modern web sites every day, as a result, the outdated design of your store can cause the loss of customers, which don’t even know your prices and benefits
  • About a half of all purchases in e-commerce of certain markets is done from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile version of your store you lose the significant part of your customers. Unoptimised Magento templates are extremely hard in navigation from mobile devices, each on such stores turns into a challenge for you customers. We live in the age of mobile technologies, and your Magento store should also be ready for that!
  • Magento community works hard to deliver all the fixes and improvements for each release, older Magento versions lead to the situation, than you miss new useful features available for free. Chances are some Magento extensions do not support the outdated stores. The same is about modern mobile ready templates. Every release of Community edition includes dozens of innovations, such as security fixes, different core changes, optimizations, and useful additions.

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