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We are very excited to introduce a new partner. Today, we start our collaboration with Imagination Media. If you are not familiar with the company, it is an e-commerce solution provider that focusses on Magento and BigCommerce platforms. If you want to build a user-friendly and highly-efficient e-commerce website, you’ve come to the right place. Imagination Media specialists know how to empower merchants from all industries to synchronize their online and offline activities. Moreover, our Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension now helps them to deliver the best possible experience. That’s what Imagination Media CEO Ali Ahmed says about Firebear Studio:


Firebear Studio is a great partner to bring under the Imagination Media partnership banner and offers us potential to serve our clients better. Their Migration to Magento 2 extension allows us to schedule import and export procedures to run automatically according to specified scenarios. All entities, attributes, orders, customer data, and any custom data merchant might have is configured easily and smoothly.

Let Your E-Commerce Dreams Come True

One of the best things about Imagination Media is that the company can handle e-commerce projects of any complexity and nature. It means that not only large e-commerce websites are within its sight: small merchants can also leverage the company’s resources to deliver their businesses to customers online. 

Another important aspect is that Imagination Media focusses on an individual approach to its projects, providing custom-tailored solutions based on Magento and BigCommerce. Thus, the company can satisfy even the most unique and sophisticated e-commerce needs, proposing things that its clients may not even imagine. The following four pillars make Imagination Media a confident market player that delivers its services across the globe:


Factory presets are a great invention that helps a lot if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. However, they are not always helpful, especially from the perspective of the e-commerce business. When every case is unique, it is necessary to customize default solutions. That’s what Imagination Media does.

Empowered Experience

In the modern e-commerce dimension, you can reach the same point differently. However, not all these ways are equally efficient, reliable, or safe. That’s why you need to conduct research, discovering one that is worth your business. Imagination Media specialists know all of them. If not, they will quickly find out what you need, delivering the best solutions to make your e-commerce experience smooth and fun to interact with. 

Feature-Rich Solutions 

Another critical pillar that makes Imagination Media a reliable and highly sought agency is the feature-rich experience it delivers to customers. Its specialists plan every project with the smallest nuances in mind, covering all areas from development to design and marketing. Thus, Imagination Media is a source of comprehensive solutions your business deserves.  

Dedicated Support 

No matter how great company specialists are and how reliable solutions they offer if there is no support layer between them and their customers. The intermediary layer is vital since it lets non-tech-savvy users understand what’s going on. Furthermore, it allows your technical specialists to use the products they get correctly. As for Imagination Media, the agency can be proud of its unwavering, superior service. A dedicated support team does everything it takes to help the company’s clients. 

Services to Leverage

Now, let’s talk about the primary services Imagination Media provides. The company specialists design, build and integrate for you. (From now, they leverage our Improved Import & Export to simplify integrations). These are the key areas they tame:

  • Analysis & Strategy. You cannot create any decent project without analyzing all sorts of things related and unrelated to your business. Only when the necessary amount of data is collected, you can plan a strategy. Both processes are very complicated and require lots of attention. However, you can rely on Imagination Media in project planning and management. The company specialists can help you better understand your business, analyzing customers, competitors, and market conditions.
  • Design. Imagination Media aims to deliver such a design that helps its clients communicate with their customers more efficiently. Feature-rich, minimalist, one step ahead, or one step behind (if a  target audience still does not accept current trends) – you can get a solution that suits your business case.   
  • Development. Of course, Imagination Media is responsible for all the development efforts your project requires. It offers custom-configured solutions to make your business faster, leaner, and easier to manage. No matter how complicated your project is: Imagination Media specialists will deliver the most advanced and highly scalable e-commerce solution at a less long-term cost.
  • Progressive Web Apps. Yes, Imagination Media is into PWAs. They can easily create a headless Magento 2 website, leveraging the power of the platform’s backend and creating an absolutely unique shopping experience on top of it. You’ll get a store that works equally great on all devices, operates offline, and can be saved to a home screen. Read more about PWAs here: Headless Magento 2 and PWA.
  • Integration. We are proud to announce that our Improved Import & Export extension now helps Imagination Media bridge the gap between Magento 2 stores and external platforms or traditional brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Support. As we’ve already mentioned, support is one of the pillars that empower Imagination Media. Your relations with the agency don’t stop after your website is launched. The company provides dedicated support and all the necessary insights based on years of collective industry experience.

Happy Clients

Imagination Media has an impressive portfolio of top-notch e-commerce websites. You can find some stores here: Imagination Media Portfolio.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

If you also want to become our partner, follow this link: Firebear Partner Loyalty Program. We can discuss all the nuances of our Partner Program to make it suitable for your business model.